Monday, 24 August 2015

More small beauties

21 May 2015 
The birds are singing, the sky is blue with fluffy white clouds. Creamy frothy blossom on a rowan tree. Dark blue spikes of bugle flowers. A splash of red campion. Everything is bright and fresh.

9 June 2015
A wild rose in flower and arching its shiny dark green leaves and delicate pink and white flowers against the blue sky. A mock orange (syringa) giving its sweet scent to the breeze. Rowan berries already starting to form, a herald of autumn. Ox-eye daisies starring the verge, with a few splashes of red poppies. Silvery poplar trees like a Corot painting.

11 June 2015
Wild roses trailing. Poplar trees flickering green and silver in the wind. Four Canada geese and eight goslings on the river. Ox-eye daisies everywhere. Hot sun beating down.

 23 June 2015
 The heady scents of mock orange blossom, honeysuckle, and roses. The sheer abundance of their flowers. The trees: oak, chestnut, poplar, willow, ash.

12 August 2015
 Loads of hollyhocks - red, pink, single and double flowers. Apples ripening on the bough. Crab apples too, clustered thickly on the branch.

 21 August 2015
 A tiny pink paper parasol stuck into the parapet of Donnington Bridge. The circular swirly ripples made in the water by the oars of a passing rowing boat. A Hawthorn tree laden with red berries.

 24 August 2015
 Dreich this morning - but the river still has a silvery charm. And there are plenty of hawthorn berries for the birds.