Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Small beauties

Small beauties

23 March 2015

Morrissey and Ziggy snuggled on the bed this morning, washing each other. The flowers coming up in my garden (daffodils, crocuses, anemones, grape hyacinths). Warmer weather and sunshine. Blue flowers (chionodoxa or squill) growing under a hedge. Blackthorn blossom. Two robins on a gate. The birds singing. More light. Spring!

26 March 2015

 A corkscrew hazel tree, all twisty and curly wurly. A truly psychedelic umbrella in the bus queue in front of me, brightening the day. The cherry blossom and quince flowers.

27 March 2015

Magnolia buds, all furry and with the petals like white flounces. The flowers waiting for the warmth of the sun before they open - the daisies (day's eyes) furled shut with their red tips showing. The clatter and scatter of trills of the birds' songs. A tree stump shaped like a dragon with a cheesy grin. Purple aubretia poking through a hedge.

28 March 2015

A tree with white blossom juxtaposed against a tree with pink blossom. The humble groundsel and goosegrass in the hedgerow. Red dogwood stalks with green leaves budding on them. The buds of kerria japonica (bachelor's buttons) just opening on its bare branches.  More flowers opening in the garden.

21 April 2015

Spring flowers blooming: jack by the hedge, white dead nettle, bluebells, green alkanet. A huge patch of primroses by the A34. In the garden, my apple tree is blooming, the raspberry ripple tulips are fully out, and the dark red tulips are opening. 

1 May 2015

A robin and a song thrush hopping about. A goose flying overhead, honking. Apple blossom everywhere. A woodpecker laughing. The birds singing to welcome May morning. The sun shining, and long wispy clouds floating high in the blue.

13 May 2015

A mackerel sky. Tiny scales of fluffy cloud high up in the blue. The hawthorn blossom in the hedgerows. A tunnel of green on the cycle path. One solitary poppy blooming on the grass verge. Poplar trees reflected in the river, silver-green in the blue depths.