Thursday, 12 June 2014


Consider the power in your hair
Whether dark or ginger or fair
Or short or long, up or down,
Or springy or curly or straight
Or red or blue or green or brown,
You can use it to weave men's fate:
Unbinding your braids can open the gate
Of birth, and unleash the power of your sex.
They say that the wildness of hair
Can cause destruction and death
Oh the mysterious powers of hair!
Delilah knew all too well
The powers of hair to weave a spell:
It crackles with magical power
Like fire from Rapunzel's tower.
Hair like the wings of night
Can cause a terrible fright
As it shines in the pale moon's light
Unleashing bats and owls
As we dance with cackles and yowls
About the full moon fire.