Saturday, 26 July 2008

April winds are magical

Emerson in mythopoeic mode:

The April winds are magical
And thrill our tuneful frames;
The garden walks are passional
To bachelors and dames.
The hedge is gemmed with diamonds,
The air with Cupids full,
The cobweb clues of Rosamond
Guide lovers to the pool.
Each dimple in the water,
Each leaf that shades the rock
Can cozen, pique and flatter,
Can parley and provoke.
Goodfellow, Puck and goblins,
Know more than any book.
Down with your doleful problems,
And court the sunny brook.
The south-winds are quick-witted,
The schools are sad and slow,
The masters quite omitted
The lore we care to know.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Regina said...

Ah, how wonderful! You have to love Emerson...

Yvonne said...

Yes it's rather lovely, isn't it?

I love Emerson, both for his nature spirituality and his love of Rammohun Roy's work.