Saturday, 26 July 2008

The androgynous divine

Rabbi unveils a secret of God

Finally the mainstream has noticed what mystics and occultists have known for centuries: the "divine" contains both masculine and feminine, but transcends them.
"This is the kind of God I believe in, the kind of God that makes sense to me, in a language that speaks very, very deeply to human aspirations and striving," Sameth said. "How could God be male and not female?"
Rabbi Mark Sameth noticed that the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) read backwards spells 'hu, hi' (he, she in Hebrew). How marvellous. This will give new impetus to people trying to use gender-inclusive and gender-neutral language in both Judaism and Christianity. Hurrah!

Hebrew Letter name Pronunciation
י Yodh "Y"
ה He (pronounced "hey") "H" (or sometimes silent)
ו Vav "V" or placeholder for "O"/"U"
ה He "H" or silent
source: Wikipedia

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Regina said...

"the "divine" contains both masculine and feminine, but transcends them."
Yes, absolutely!
Thanks for posting this, Yvonne!
Hurrah, indeed!