Tuesday, 29 July 2008

liberal values

People often refer to liberals as woolly, vacillating and so on, but they are wrong.

The Unitarian Universalists are about as liberal as it is possible to be. They stand up for gay rights, women's rights, and include gays, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus & Jews in their congregations. Two of them died for their beliefs last Sunday. You can't call that "vacillating". They stood in front of other members of their congregation to shield them from a gunman who was shooting at them. The gunman shot at them specifically for their liberal and inclusive attitudes. Their liberality is not built on shifting sands; it is an ever-expanding circle of inclusivity. Their Kingdom of Heaven is not receding from them as they march towards it; they are building it here on earth.

I am truly honoured to count myself as a Unitarian knowing that such people are Unitarians.

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Regina said...

Oh my... truly an act of selfless love.
I did not hear of this- could you tell me more about it?