Sunday, 15 June 2008

moving accurately

This is one of my favourite quotes of all time; it keeps me going when times seem hard or there's a difficult decision to be made. It also seems to express the idea that the way to move through life is to follow your bliss and act as seems right to you, because no matter how unlikely it seems that your endeavour will have a successful outcome, if it's the right thing to do then it will open doors in unexpected ways.
Only one heart had to find its true position and travel on from there and all the rest would follow, for no matter how isolated the one felt itself to be, in the deeps of all life all were united and no one could move accurately without all ultimately moving with it...

~ A Far-Off Place, p.304, Laurens van der Post
There are many wonderful bits in this book, and I highly recommend it.

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Regina said...

I have been perusing through your blog and I had to tell you how enjoyable it has been for me- and, I must admit, an eye opener! I am learning so much about so many different things! I believe I landed here from a comment you made on Quaker Pagan's blog!