Tuesday, 17 November 2009

More books

I went on a shopping spree at lunchtime and bought:
  • The Book of Atheist Spirituality by André Comte-Sponville
    It is obvious to non-theist mystics that you can have spirituality without God, but it needed re-stating. I disagree with Comte-Sponville's definition of religion, but he is refreshingly dismissive of the unpleasant dogmatism of New Atheism
  • Godless morality by Richard Holloway
    I enjoyed his other books, so thought I would read more; and I certainly agree that you can have morality without any notion of a creator
  • The Book of Shadows by Don Paterson
    No, it has nothing to do with Wicca - it's a book of aphorisms - a couple of them made me laugh out loud in the shop, so I had to buy it
  • A Book of Silence by Sara Maitland
    This is all about the blessedness of silence, contemplation and the absence of noise in the lives of mystics, which sounds awesome.
  • Theatre Shoes by Noel Streatfeild
    I really loved Ballet Shoes, and this appears to be a sequel, so I bought it for a childhood nostalgia trip and comfort reading.

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