Sunday, 15 November 2009

Burne-Jones windows

This morning I visited Rochdale Unitarian Church, met some lovely people, heard a lovely service about Jonathan Livingston Seagull (one of my favourite books), and saw the beautiful windows by Edward Burne-Jones (one of my favourite artists) there. They also sang some hymns from the new purple book, including the lovely Name Unnamed (one of my favourite hymns). So, all in all, a very satisfying experience.

The windows represent a series of Virtues: Truth, Justice, Liberty, Prudence, Knowledge, Love, Faith, Humility (all very Unitarian values). Burne-Jones wasn't a Unitarian, but another Pre-Raphaelite painter, Barbara Bodichon, was one.


Paul Oakley said...

Thanks for sharing these windows. I love them!

I have long enjoyed Burne-Jones' art - mostly in art books, but occasionally in art museums. My only experience of seeing windows designed by him came this spring on a trip to Ireland, where I came across stained-glass personifications of Justice and Humility by Burne-Jones in St. Carthagh's Cathedral (Church of Ireland) in the village of Lismore in Waterford County. Very nice. They were shaped for gothic apertures. But the style is much like those you depict.

Yewtree said...

Glad you enjoyed them, Paul. Do check out the photos of the rest of the windows on Flickr.