Wednesday, 8 June 2011


When pain comes to live in the body
It has a way of taking over
my whole awareness,
making me feel trapped in my body with the pain.

But then there's the gratitude
for the love and concern of friends
who wish me well,
ask how I am,
some of them reaching out of their own pain
to touch me in healing.

And so my awareness moves
from the pain to my heart
opening in gratitude
for the gift of friends,
sending messages of concern.

A true friend is one who shares
pain and laughter
love and companionship
sorrow and joy.

I give thanks for friends.
I give thanks to friends:
manifestations of divine love.

6.11 pm

(part of the Write for your Life practice developed by Merle Feld)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these particular feelings.

I, too, am in chronic pain and it very much feels like I am trapped. Some days it is so bad that I find myself thinking I feel like an animal might with its leg in a bear trap. I'd gnaw off my own foot (or arm or ...) if I thought it would help. Trapped!

Thank you too for linking to "Write for Your Life." I've recently set up a new blog and am going to incorporate her suggestions.



Yewtree said...

Dear Sunflower,

I feel a bit a fraud now, as I am only experiencing an acute bout of pain due to root canal work (so the pain has come to live in my head, which makes it hard to ignore).

I was thinking about how people with chronic pain might feel when I wrote it, though. I am glad if it helped in any way at all.


Anonymous said...


Having had root canal work before, you have both my sympathy and my empathy.


Yewtree said...

Thanks! Your blog is excellent by the way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It's not my first blog, but I decided to start over and put more effort into it. I subscribe to all your blogs. :)

Yewtree said...

Thanks :)