Tuesday, 26 August 2008

what kind of Pagan?

This quiz was heavily biased towards reconstructionists and polytheists, and I disliked the use of the term "faith"... but it's only a bit of fun, and the characterisation of me as a Eastern Pagan is fairly accurate:

What kind of Pagan are you?
You scored as an Eastern Pagan
Eastern Pagans come in two breeds; the Buddhist-Pagan, who follows the Buddhist belief of the "middle way" and the Hindu-Pagan, who leans to the Hindu Pantheon of gods. Thoughtful, calm, insightful individuals are often drawn to Eastern mythology and thought. Enlightenment is more than a theory; it's a state of mind to aspire to, and there are certain key elements that you've found in the Eastern paths that offer to help you on the journey. Those who seek these paths are often the teachers, the peacemakers and the intellectuals of our world.
Eastern Pagan

Egyptian Pantheon Pagan

Eclectic Pagan

Roman Pantheon Pagan

Zoroastrian Pagan

Sumerian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian Pagans

Shamanic Pagan

Celtic Pantheon Pagan

Greek Pantheon Pagan

Kabbalistic Pagan

Norse Pantheon Pagan (Asatru)

Catholic (Pagan?)



solitary said...

It is your feelings that matter...

Here's a disturbing article on the smuggling of Buddhist relics in India I came across while I was googling.
Might interest you.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Hm... I decided to try this quiz even though I am not a pagan- at least I don't think I am! I came out a Catholic Pagan followed closely by Kabbalistic pagan- which makes sense, of course. I grew up Catholic but have rejected the hierarchical apsect of the religion but still use some of the rituals and I have to say, I do cling to the "goddess saints" like Clare and Therese and the Virgin Mary. Such strong and powerful women...
Very interesting, Yvonne!